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Definition of responsibilities between peers!

Hierarchical relationships between users are normed with CROWLR. This is what makes candidates references check possibles. We only are deploying non-intrusive reference check referral.


Your Achievements

Document your professional experiences to illustrate your various aptitudes in detail, how your skills, and experiences are matching the core competencies of the role you apply for.


About the Context

Start by setting the scene, by explaining the context in which you worked and the missions entrusted to you.


What Hierarchical Structure

The many colleagues with whom I worked, to whom I reported, their responsibilities by project, in the department, etc ...

imageFor a quality CROWLR profile

References are peer-to-peer relationships that add credence to profiles.


Both References and Relations are declarative.

Marie Curie

A Super Trainee (N-1)

CROWLR users are anonymous by default.

Kirk Borne

A Super Colleague(N)

Peer Relationship as a Profile Reference.

Marie Tim

My Direct Manager(N+1)

Our algorithms are cross checking all profiles.

Eric Hochet

My Manager boss(N+2)

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