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Taking professional networking to new levels. Get your profile benchmarked against other users, within your area, industry and function. In order to prevent human implicit bias in talent selection, benchmark is generated by machine learnings algorithms.


More than a professional social network, a talent network. Connect your current colleagues and your peers from previous companies. Recruiters and you are building an “invite-only” network. It's not about socializing but networking.


Crowlr facilitate pipeline management. It recommends passive and active talents, using algorithmic criteria defined by recruiters or line manager. Anonymous profile and no human intervention, will help you in building the most objective set of candidate for screening.

Candidate App "Outlook"

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Discover through some testimonials the benefits brought to our users. The purpose of these statements is to highlight a few features and to show that "all users accounts" are anonymous by default. @CROWLR we focus on "transferable competencies" & how to prevent bias.

“ Out of the 12 planners reporting to me, half has an "Ambassador" profile. We all set a 15 minutes slot a day to answer, job openings candidates questions, and to cover the onboarding part! ”


Function: Supply Chain ; Role: Planning ; Level: Senior ManagerSource: User "Anonyme"

“ I wanted to connect with passive candidates, a win-win was required. We've decided to grant those talents an access to some of the dedicated CROWLR Talent Pool we have. The take away is a Benchmark against a pool of prequalified profils. ”


Function: HR ; Role: Talent ; Level: ManagerSource: User "Anonyme"

“ When I attend a professional event, I give business cards and I use the "eCARD" feature that gives access to my virtual business card just by joining the CROWLR event ! ”


Function: Marketing ; Role: Brand ; Level: SeniorSource: User "Anonyme"

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A Talent Network for everyone, bringing value to all.

Internal Mobility

A Profile Board for personal exposure. When looking for new responsibilities, benchmark and compare your career path with others resume. View your function trends, new roles and skills development opportunities.


Upscale from standard resume with Crowlr and see recommended employers matching your career path with the Opportunity feature. Then it's up to you to act and connect with line managers.


Crowlr a mobile Tech Hiring platform to build continuous funnel of profiles. Identify relevant set of candidates, out of your in-house database of candidate, using machine learning algorithms.

Pipeline Management

Reach the right talent and implement efficient management of job applications and resume tracking. Inform your job applicants you’re screening using Crowlr with the Crowlr logo on your Job posts.

Latest Footprint Overview "June 2019"

89 Talent Pool clusters
2343409 Hiring Manager profiles
1302 Anonymous Coopted profiles
52 City Coverage

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